Goldenball Mercantile

Goldenball Mercantile is your go-to downtown Mission shop for various treasures with a bit of personality.

Goldenball Mercantile

If you're looking for some unique local finds check out Goldenball Mercantile! Located in downtown Mission on First Ave, this individual shop carries all kinds of diverse items including books, home essentials and pet products (to name a few). They also feature their own patio and art gallery attached to the store! As described on their website, Goldenball Mercantile "is essentially a collection of all [their] favourite things".

Perfect for any occasion, this shop is your go-to place for various treasures with a bit of personality.

Accessible features at this store:

  • Ramp to entrance.
  • Check out counter is at an accessible height.
  • Store is well-illuminated.