Tourism Mission is part of the Economic Development Department at the City of Mission, with funding and oversight from the Mayor and Council, and the Tourism Committee acting as an advisory body providing advice and support to the City of Mission on tourism initiatives.


The mandate of the Tourism Committee is to provide recommendations to the Economic Development Select Committee on policies, procedures, and strategic direction for marketing and promoting the City of Mission’s tourism assets.

Guiding Principles 

Inclusive – we value and celebrate our diversity.
Open and Accountable – We value open debate and commit to making decisions in the best interests of the whole community.
Trust – The committee trusts each other and staff to work in the best interests of the whole community.
Future Focused – Plan for the needs of future generations with careful consideration of the long-term impacts of decisions made today.
Sustainability – balancing economic, social, environmental, and cultural sustainability.
Communication and Engagement – ensuring the community is informed and engaged.