Your Guide to Fishing in Mission, BC


Mission has tons of great fishing spots to catch salmon, trout and great white sturgeon! If you want to know all things fishing and where to find your catch of the day in Mission BC, this guide is for you!

Your Guide to Fishing in Mission, BC

Gone fishing! Did you know Mission has tons of great fishing spots and is world renowned for its plethora of great white sturgeon swimming around in the Fraser River? These prehistoric fish can grow up to 12 feet in length and over 1000 pounds, making them the longest and largest living freshwater fish in North America. Aside from these impressive freshwater giants, there are lots of other fish you can find swimming around in Mission's lakes, creeks, and rivers. Whether you're looking for salmon, trout, or sturgeon, we're keeping it "reel" with this list of where you can find your gear and catch of the day in Mission, BC!

Get Your Gear

If you're looking to buy some gear Belle's Sports is your one-stop shop for hunting and fishing! Located on 1st Ave right in the heart of downtown Mission, this place has everything you need for an afternoon spent fishing on the lake.  However, you don't have to purchase your gear to get a great catch! Did you know the Tourism Mission Visitor Information Centre has a fishing rod and tackle loan-out program? Borrowers can come in during visitor centre hours and rent our rods and tackle boxes for up to a week!

Find your Catch of the Day

There are so many places to fish around Mission, so make sure to head to the site with the fish you're looking for! If you're after salmon like Sockeye, Chinook, Pinks, and Chum you can find all of these in the Fraser River! Chinook and Chum in particular can be found in Chehalis, Stave and Sumas River, and Nicomen Slough. Trout can be found all over depending on what kinds you're looking for, Cutthroat especially is plentiful in Hatzic, Rolley, Stave, and Chehalis Lake, as well as Fraser River, Chehalis River, Stave River, and Nicomen Slough. Steelhead can be caught in Stave, Sumas, Fraser, and Chehalis River as well as Nicomen Slough and Rainbow Trout are found in Chehalis, Rolley, Sayres, and Hatzic Lake.

Search for Sturgeon

Mission's most famous fish can be found in the depths of the Fraser River and are under a strict catch and release policy. Although you can't take these prehistoric giants home, you can certainly earn some bragging rights after reeling in one of these impressive fish. If you're interested in seeing some sturgeon outside of fishing, be sure to stop by Inch Creek Hatchery and check out their sturgeon pond where you can easily spot the two large sturgeon living there, Arnold and Henry!

Go with a Guide

Did you know Mission has guided salmon and sturgeon fishing trips? STS Guiding is a local service that provides guided fishing tours on the Fraser River right here in Mission, BC! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these guided tours will take you to the best fishing spots around and ensure your trip is memorable and full of fun!

Fish with the Family

U-Catch's are great for novice fishers and kids looking to gain some hands-on experience with fishing in an easy and safe environment! Trout Creek Farm is a great place to start and offers Rainbow Trout fishing in its two ponds. They also provide fishing gear and help with bait and casting. Sun Valley Trout Park is another great U-Catch Mission fish farm for the whole family. They offer Rainbow Trout fishing in their one-acre lake and rod/bait rental.

Tips for Fishing in the Area

Ensure you're up to date on the local fishing regulations. 

Purchase the appropriate permits in advance.

Please pack in and pack out all garbage.

Be mindful of your surroundings and wear appropriate clothing for the time of year.

Keep an eye out for weekly fishing reports via guides, local tackle shops, and social media.