Rock Creek Campground

Rock Creek Campground

*Please Note there is a visitor fee of $10 and capacity limits for day use at this campground.

*Please Note there is a campfire ban in effect from August 3, 2022 - no campfires allowed.

This is a motorized vehicle-friendly campground with 49 forest sites set in the depths of the Stave West Recreation Area.  It includes an ATV staging area, day-use parking, and a group site, but is remote and not serviced, so for the more adventurous camper.

Reservations available at Stave West Camping

Cash only payments for first-come sites

Eats nearby:  Try out Energy Wisdom and Tea Lounge located down the road at 11932 Dewdney Trunk Rd, or grab take-out at one of Mission's local eateries before you go. Sangam Restaurant and Catering, Sushi Te, and Embers BBQ House all offer great options!

Attractions nearby: Stave Falls Powerhouse, Hayward Lake

Calling all campers!  We are seeing increased bear encounters in the area which while exciting to see, does cause long term issues for both us and local wildlife.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Many of these sightings are due to our behaviour and we have some quick tips to ensure our camping areas are used appropriately:
• Always follow local campground guidelines
• Pack garbage back out with you
• Do not burn garbage on your campfire
• Only use official campsites
• Pack away your food at night
If we all follow these basic rules we can continue to enjoy the great outdoors and the array of wildlife that calls it home.
Please Note that any questions or changes please email Office hours are on Tuesday 10am-6pm