Mission's Newest Mural "The Four Seasons"


Check out Mission newest art piece, the "Four Seasons" mural, located alongside Highway 7.

Mission's Newest Mural "The Four Seasons"

Taking a walk through Mission, you'll be introduced to trendy local shops, great eateries, the noise of bustling streets, and now its newest edition- the Four Seasons mural. What once started as a blank canvas has now been turned into a vibrant, colorful, gradient mural that represents the four seasons in Mission. This stunning piece of art was created in collaboration with the City of Mission, the Downtown Business association and UFV's School of Creative Arts.

To learn more about the behind the scenes process- check out the video below:


Did you know?

The green and blues represent the mountain vista, lush forests, and river that surrounds Mission.

The magenta and pink represent Missions official flower, the rhododendron. The colors also symbolize the ties to Missions sister city, Oyama Japan.

The darker colors represent the railway and its history.

So, next time your strolling through Downtown Mission, be sure to check out the Four Seasons mural for a social media-worthy photo op!